Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend at the Madonna Inn, Part II

SLO party part II! Here are some more pics of our trip to the Madonna Inn and the various rooms that our groups stayed in.

On the road!

The Madonna Inn

The Copper Cafe has some pretty impressive pink champagne cake.

Chris and Colleen had by far the raddest rooms. They had the "Old World" room the first night.

Check out this video of their bathroom (the best part!):

They had the "Gypsy Rock" room the second night. This is where the group had our after-party with a bottle of bubbly and a rollicking game of Cards Against Humanity. Most pictures from that are in my previous post.

Jessie and I shared the "Morning Star" room.

The theme was supposed to be Venus, but seemed more like "chandeliers." The view from my bed.

Phuong and Eric stayed in the "Cuernavaca" room. It was kinda creepy, much like this picture....

Kayte and Jim stayed in the "Time of Your Life" room - read as: Mardi Gras themed, with masks hung on the sparkly purple walls!

My goal before the end of my life is to have stayed in every single room. That means many more trips to SLO are in my future! Not a bad fate.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

parteee at the Madonna

This is my last year in my 20s, so I really made March my birthday MONTH. Last weekend I celebrated by going to San Luis Obispo with friends to visit Hearst Castle and stay at the Madonna Inn's crazy themed rooms. The Madonna is very strange place, but an even stranger place to party. The oddest assortment of people roam the grounds in the widest array of attire - most notable were people in retro garb from the 20s all the way through 80s punk, and a pink leopard-themed bachelorette party. I happened to have my leopard Topshop coat with me so I blended right in. Here are some snappies of our reveling. It was fantastic. 


Chris and Colleen got me pink bubbles to enjoy at the very pink-themed hotel. Doling it out was an endeavor that we took very seriously.

The rooms at the Madonna were so insane and insanely fun that they will get their own post another time.
Happy Friday, all!